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Workout benches

Workout benches represent traditional as well as cheap option for everyone who is exercising, or is about to get started. The range of products MASTER® offers both traditional sloping benches, ideal for strengthening the abdominal and back muscles, as well as modern bench-press or multifunctional workout benches. Inexpensive inclined benches equipped with a stable construction and anti-slippery legs serve mostly to strengthen the abdominal muscles and also to some extent the back muscles. Common fitness benches (“bench-press” type) are one of the most popular types in the category of fitness equipment at all. With these kinds of benches most of the muscles can be trained! Benches are equipped with space for weights and easily adjustable positions for feet.

Multi-functional benches are currently the most advanced type of workout benches. Thanks to easily adjustable back supports (6 and more positions), T-bar for leg support, leg strengthener and various means of weights (barbell rod, butterfly, leg curl, etc.) this bench can really strengthen all muscle groups. Those who only desire to strengthen leg muscles can find special space trainers in our offer. Other alternative are multifunctional parallel bars, which allow not only great exercise for arms and stomach, but also for back muscles.

Workout benches MASTER® are very well storable with high maximum load (up to 250kg). Workout benches MASTER® come with a regular 2 year warranty. Workout benches MASTER® are delivered in disassembled state to ease the transportation. Our professional technicians are available to our customers not only to help them put the equipment together, but also at any time the equipment is being used. If any complaint is made, we immediately send our technician on site, so there is no need to send the equipment over to us. We offer such service within the Czech Republic. If the customer spends over 2000 CZK on our nejlevnejsisport.cz e-shop, the transportation is then automatically free of charge. Depending on the clients purchase history we also offer to deliver the goods and mount it for the customer at desired place.