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Trampolines MASTERJUMP

We offer various kinds of trampolines, trampolines with safety net; steps, covers, accessories and required equipment under our own trademark MASTERJUMP®. Trampolines MASTERJUMP® meet the highest security standards and are made from massive steel construction with anti-corrosion coating. You can expect great jumping function thanks to high-quality springs and special material of jumping area. All the necessary spare parts are always in stock. By placing emphasis on little details we ensure excellent experience with our products – such can be already verified by thousands of happy customers. Sporting equipment MASTERJUMP® comes with a standard 2-year warranty. If the purchase order exceeds 2000 CZK the customers shopping on nejlevnejsisport.cz has automatically the transport costs free of charge. According to client’s value we are also offering the possibility to deliver the goods through our e-shop. MASTER SPORT Ltd. Company is an exclusive distributor of MASTERJUMP® trampolines in the Czech and Slovak Republic.