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Vibration fitness machines

Vibration fitness machines MASTER® help to quickly body shaping and weight reduction and operate on the principle of vibrations that cause reflexive muscle contractions. Exercising on vibration fitness machines MASTER® increases the effectiveness of performed exercises and helps quicken recovery and regeneration after physically demanding activities, sports or exercise (after consultation with a physician). Wide range of vibration fitness machines from basic models to professional ones for demanding customers allows them to pick precisely that machine that exactly fits the needs and requirements of not just home exercisers.

Selected vibration fitness machines have pre-longed 5-years warranty. Vibration fitness machines are delivered in disassembled state to ease the transportation. Our professional technicians are available to our customers not only to help them put the equipment together, but also at any time the equipment is being used. If any complaint is made, we immediately send our technician on site, so there is no need to send the equipment over to us. We offer such service within the Czech Republic. If the customer spends over 2000 CZK on our nejlevnejsisport.cz e-shop, the transportation is then automatically free of charge. Depending on the clients purchase history we also offer to deliver the goods and mount it for the customer at desired place.